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Partnered Solutions IT provides continuity and management solutions that optimize efficiency and mitigate risk for businesses. Founded in 2011 by CEO Robert Steck, PSIT has grown to support Security, IT Management, and Consultation for companies in the Healthcare, Finance, Government, and Global Manufacturing verticals.


"Being environmentally forward thinking and acting is important to us as a company and to our employees. We recognize the destructive effects humanity has on this planet and do our best to minimize those effects wherever possible, while promoting a healthy work/life balance for all those we employ. Partnered Solutions and Ruby Porter take pride in being awarded as a Bring Recycling green business, and thank them for their efforts in promoting sustainable business practices in our community. We hope that our example might spur on other businesses to get on board, and do their part in protecting our planet for future generations." - Christopher Hayes, Chief Strategy Officer and Ruby Porter, Marketing & Design


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