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Camas Country Mill

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When Camas Country first opened its doors in 2011, we were the first mill of our kind to operate in the Willamette Valley in nearly eighty years. Grist mills once peppered the landscape of the valley, particularly along waterways, with mills in even the smallest communities. Over time, as the success of the seed industry pushed locally consumed grains to the margins, local mills also faded from the valley, and factory flour came to dominate pantry and grocery shelves across the Pacific Northwest.


"At Camas Country Mill, we are proud to be Rethink Certified. As farmers of the land, we do our best to treat the soil and earth properly. We believe it’s just as important to take care of the earth in our office environment too." - Polly Wilson, Packaging Manager/Master Recycler


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90472 Woodruff St, Eugene, Oregon