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Founder Alan Scholz started a small company called Burley Bike Bags and relocated from Fargo, North Dakota to Eugene, Oregon in search of a cycling-friendly community. The Burley name was inspired by his wife Beverly, a bicycle racer known as “Burley Bev.” The couple sold their handmade bags at Eugene’s Saturday Market, a 30 mile commute from their rural home.

Determined to live a car-free life, Alan needed a way to carry his bags and young daughter to the market by bike. Using parts from an old swing set, he built the first Burley trailer. Local cyclists and bike shops began to notice Alan’s trailer around town, and it wasn’t long before orders started pouring in.

In 1978 Burley became a worker-owned cooperative. The co-op built a reputation for safe, durable products and the name “Burley” became synonymous with “bicycle trailer”. In 2006 members sold the company to Michael Coughlin, a local community leader, outdoors enthusiast and Oregon native.

Today, Burley is known around the world for building recreational transport gear that sets the standard for safety, durability and thoughtful design. We put our heart and soul into everything we build. The Burley brand stands for unmatched quality today, just as it did in 1978.


“One of Burley’s core values is ‘do the right thing’, and to us, this extends to our planet and our community. Burley products enable people to explore the great outdoors, and we believe strongly in working to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come. We are grateful to have BRING in our community as resource for our continuous improvement and are happy to continue our BRING Rethink Certification.” - Allison Straub, President


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