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RepYourWater is an apparel brand dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality gear for anglers and hunters while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration. We provide hats, shirts, belts and accessories to a national retail footprint and our direct customers.

Why We're Green

53.7K donated to 17 nonprofit Conservation Partners last year alone, 95% of waste from hour HQ diverted from landfill, 100% GHG emissions from our HQ offset from renewable energy credits, lighting and energy efficiency upgrades to our HQ, sourcing recycled plastics where possible to poly bag our products, recycled and recyclable packaging for direct order mailers, increasing product assortment featuring recycled materials and/or bio cotton.


Our business is dependent upon a healthy environment, so it is imperative that we work as a company to mitigate our impacts. Climate change is the greatest threat our planet faces today, which is why we are working to reduce our carbon footprint. Plastic pollution poses another significant threat to our planet, which is why we have begun to incorporate fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles into our products, and why we are significantly diverting the amount of waste we send to the landfill by recycling and composting from our office/warehouse. As individuals and a business, we look to further alleviate these threats by supporting our conservation partners that fight for the preservation of the wild places that remain on our planet.
-Garrison Doctor, Co-Founder and Designer


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2546 S. Main Street, Unit B, Erie, Colorado