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Lice Spies offers safe, non-toxic, pesticide-free, natural head lice checks, removal services, DIY and preventive products. We are Shepherd Institute trained and certified professionals with over 10 years combined head lice experience. With over 300 five star reviews, our cozy clinic is conveniently located in Edmonds, WA, just 4 minutes from I-5. Book an appointment online, anytime of day or night, at

Why We're Green

At Lice Spies, we conduct everyday business with a focus on saving our planet. We use LED lights, we drink filtered water from reusable water cups, we purchase as many upcycled books, movies, salon chairs and other things as possible. We pride ourselves on providing natural, non-toxic, pesticide-free products to rid our clients of those pesky critters, head lice. Part of our mission is to educate our clients and community on safe and effective methods of head lice removal. Pesticides are a huge problem for our health and our environment. Lice have grown resistant in the past 20 years to traditional pesticide over-the-counter and prescription treatment products to where lice are now almost 100% resistant to the chemicals. We are a community resource that is passionate about the health and well being of all!


“Wonderful! Don’t do it yourself, go straight to them. Natural remedies. Well informed. Peace of mind, can’t go wrong!” – E.S., October 16, 2018… Genbook

“I can’t say enough good things about their service. My daughter has very long hair, they were so gentle and kind with her, while being very thorough and explaining the process. They also have a lovely studio, complete with TV and a bazillion kids movies to choose from to watch. While they were working on my daughter, the owner gave me a great education on what really works and doesn’t work to get rid of them at home. Should we ever have another incident in the future, we’ll be back!” – Lisa, September 24, 2018… Genbook

“I returned from Camp with what my mom thought was dandruff, until I went to get my haircut and the salon showed her that the “dandruff” was moving. Ugh! So, mom took me to Lice Spies where they got us in within 15 minutes of her phone call, got all the lice – bugs, eggs, babies – out of my hair using this minty spray on lotion and lots and lots and lots of combing. They were nice and super thorough! I was impressed, because the combing didn’t hurt and I got to see the lice under the microscope!” – Siri S, August 18, 2018… Genbook

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