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Princess Gardens LLC

Waste Diversion & Utilities|Yard & Food Waste Recycling


Princess Gardens is a center for food and yard waste diversion through vermiculture. Through the act of composting with worms we are able to reduce the amount of organic materials being sent to landfills. We also teach the importance of satiability and self sufficiency through gardening.

Why We're Green

We are green because we saw a huge need for the amount of organic matter going into landfills and causing more green-house gases to be produced. In order to help create a balance; we collect organic materials and use the in our Vermicompost. This process turns; what could have been, toxic waste into a nutrient rich material that can be used to fertilize and give back to the planet.


Princess Gardens is the most sustainable company I've worked with. Its main objective is to make things as environmentally conscious as possible in every aspect of its operation.


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(720) 675-8544

Commerce City, Colorado