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As a premier high-tech consulting firm, Synaxis is all about great solutions – from start to finish, and everywhere in between. Our reputation is built upon the culmination of the right talent in the right places. This includes the stand-out work of our consultant teams, our innovative outlook, our strategic insights, and the depth of our experience. When you have Synaxis on the project — you get it all.

Why We're Green

Synaxis is committed to promoting sustainability and to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities. Our efforts include CDP reporting, disclosing our carbon emissions and our pledge to reduce emissions 55% by the year 2030. Synaxis has also been recognized by Earthshare, certified by EnviroStars for being a green company, as well as awarded the Silver Medal by EcoVadis. As a remote consulting business, we encourage our employees to work from home as often as they can. Our flexible work policy helps cut down on commuting and the corresponding pollution associated with that travel. We also utilize Microsoft’s modern workplace technology, which encourages less printing of documents and needless paper waste. When our hardware is no longer being used, we participate in a donation program where the computers are donated to local schools for online learning. When they are no longer useable, the hardware is stripped down for recycling; what can be refurbished will be and other materials are responsibly recycled.


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