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A1 Sun, Inc. a family owned and managed solar installation company. Our team of design professionals and knowledgeable installers comes from within our local community. Our installers are the face of our company. Our community is our customer base. Our customer base is our best advocate. We install the best quality solar installations and energy storage systems to benefit our clients, our neighborhood, our global community.

A1 Sun, Inc. installs solar systems of the highest quality as well as Energy Storage for those who need a battery backup system to better utilize "solar gain" in a power outage. We are committed to providing the best value for our clients while benefitting the planet by doing business sustainably. We are easy to work with. From our initial sales contact to your first generated solar kilowatt hour (kWh), we make sure you are fully informed about your system.
Our solar installers are members of our team and are the face of our company!
We firmly believe in what we do. A1 Sun, Inc. is an Alameda County Green Business. We hold an A+ rating at BBB. We belong to the Solano Avenue Association, Buy Local, BNI, NARI, and the West Berkeley Design Loop.
Without individuals stepping up to reduce carbon footprints, climate change will be a reality we won't live with.
The world and future generations thank you for going solar!
Power for the People!

Why We're Green

We are "Green" as each member of our staff arrives at work to install a solar system of offset the Global Climate Crisis one module at a time. Each member of our staff is contributes to the Green Team. We use as benign materials as possible and recycle cardboard, paper, steel, aluminum, copper, and plastics, and plastic bags. A solar installation pays for itself by offsetting the homeowners electric bills. "Old solar modules" are repurposed whenever possible. A1 Sun has driven electric since 2007. A Nissan Leaf is charged at our office for site visits. We work locally only traveling small distances. We purchase environmentally friendly office supplies and products whenever possible.
Maintaining Alameda County Green Certification validates our efforts on behalf of the Earth!


"If we weren't Green Certified, I'd question the certification process."
Ed Stewart, A1 Sun, Inc. Production Manager.


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1455 Fourth Street, Berkeley, California

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