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For a decade, Peak Sustainability Group (formerly Kulshan Services LLC) has been pursuing new ways of doing well by doing good. When working with clients, our goal is to make a tangible and measurable difference especially during this critical decade. By setting an example, we hope we can challenge and inspire others to care for our common home and create a thriving economy and healthy communities. We specialize in the following services: climate change planning, sustainability services, community engagement, and ecosystem health.

Our multi-disciplinary science, sustainability, and community engagement professionals are working to create a more resilient future. We work collaboratively with clients seeking to address the compelling business, environmental, and social issues of our time.​ We know that that embracing change has its rewards and challenges. Our team is here to meet clients where they are so they can achieve breakthrough solutions in sustainability, addressing common action to address climate change, and meet our social and community issues with grace, integrity, and positivity.

We believe: An equitable and resilient future is possible; New ideas are borne of necessity; Change starts in our communities; Solutions require a common vision​; Collective and diverse creativity is powerful; Sound planning builds resilience; Science and nature provide opportunities; and Substantial action is needed today!

Why We're Green

We provide sustainability and climate planning services to communities, businesses, and municipalities. We avoid practices that are harmful to the planet and to people and we practice environmentally friendly and diversity and inclusion friendly practices. We encourage energy efficiency in heating and transportation choices. We order environmentally friendly office and cleaning supplies. We recycle and compost and encourage practices that don't harm the planet and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have a distributed team and work from home which reduces our collective environmental footprint. Many of our staff and client-related meetings are virtual. We buy and generate green energy, purchase EnviroStar and recycled materials, and drive energy-efficient cars or promote bicycling to work.


"Our name, Peak Sustainability Group, expresses our goal to help clients confidently navigate their journey toward the goal of a more sustainable, just, and resilient future. We will continue to be a trusted partner as we do our part to address the urgent challenges of our time: the need for climate action, a just and sustainable economy, community resilience, and ecosystem health. Our commitment to our people, prosperity, and planet is our highest priority. In our second decade, we feel an imperative to be a force for good on the planet and serve a local, regional, and national audience. This decision to rebrand was informed by the great need and urgency for fundamental change by engaging our communities in crucial conversations and action." David Roberts, Principal and Founder


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